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Session One

The first of two sessions introducing students to world cinema (often refereed to as "foreign" or "art-house" films. The first week will focus on the period from the late 19th century (the birth of cinema) to the 1950s. Specific areas include: the silent period (the Lumiere films, German Expressionism, early Soviet cinema), the emergence of sound, and Italian Neorealism. In addition to written instruction, the session includes PDF text excerpts from notable film texts as well as early short films and clips from feature-length films.

Session Two

The period from 1960 to present-day. Topics include: French New Wave, New German Cinema, New Iranian Cinema, and Dogme 95.

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Introduction Welcome to the PCC Extension course, Off Hollywood. Over the next few weeks, we'll be exploring the art of film and video, particularly work that falls outside of the traditional Hollywoo


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